Area of activity

Alfa Team d.o.o. produces special materials and products obtained by powder metallurgy methods

Powder metallurgy technology, including powder preparation and product manufacturing,
can be divided into:

1. Mixing the powder with a suitable plasticizer
2. Pressing process
3. Sintering – thermal treatment in a protective atmosphere at a temperature below the melting point of the main component, where the powder particles are firmly connected to each other, the hollow phase (pores) is eliminated and an almost theoretical density is achieved, thereby obtaining the required properties and dimensions

This area is considered one of the modern technologies in the world, and products are obtained that cannot be obtained with classical technologies, which enables the desired alloy composition.

We produce materials and tools primarily based on tungsten carbide and cobalt (WC-Co). WC as a difficult-to-melt phase that gives high hardness and Co as a bonding phase that gives HM (Hard Metal) toughness. Carbides TiC, TaC, NbC are also added to improve HM properties for a specific application (high hardness, resistance to high operating temperatures).